Friday, June 20, 2008

College Prep Anyone??

Look, it's not even July and I'm posting twice in the same month. :D I've been assigned to teach a "college prep" course at Live.Love.Scrap and we are making clipboards fashioned in your favorite college. Since I am a graduate of University of Dayton, I of course had to make one with those festive colors. The store had the Wright State paper in stock so I felt compelled to show that one too. I used alcohol inks on the metal clamp. Painted the edge with Kaiser's acrylic paints...I love that paint, it's so great to work with. I sponged color ink over the dry paint to add the secondary college color. I used a sponge roller and some gel medium (Golden) to seal the paper and paint and even the metal clamp (this is a really great effect and eliminates the brush strokes of a brush.) A little ribbon and a little bit of embellishments and you're finished. The survival kit uses the left over papers and can be filled with anything you feel is appropriate to have in case of an emergency..i.e: sewing supplies, bandaids, quarters, sharpie marker, matches, candles or anything else you can think of. It's a small space though so you have to be a little choosy with what you fill it with.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks so much for stopping by.


lauren said...

oooooooooh--these are FAB! what an amazing idea! you are just *unbelievably* clever at developing new projects!

(ps: if it's an EMERGENCY kit, surely we should dump out all that silly safety stuff and fill it with CHOCOLATE?!!!!!!?) :)

joybear said...

Very cool! They are goign to love these!!!

Lana said...

your blogs is fantastic! I'm glad you posted so I found you! thanks for checking out IIM!

thennalee said...

Kaiser paint? I love the stuff. I have a few tubes, but I can't find a US based retailer that stocks very many colors. Where do you find yours?