Saturday, March 7, 2009

Melissa's At It Again

While out stalking blog-land, I did my daily visit to Melissa Phillips' site and noticed she's at it again with a challenge. This month's give-away is an adorable apron from Jillie Willie. The challenge was to create a card with some sort of pocket, it must have buttons, ribbon, pink, and stripes. How can you go wrong with all those embellishments? I wanted to try something different and used a stamped image as my pattern for the bunny. I cut an enlarged version of this image out of mulberry paper for the bunny. Then, I cut the egg at the seam and inserted it inside the bottom of the egg as the "pocket." The picture is a little blurry (time for a new camera), but the stamped statement says "sweet thing." I didn't take a pic of the inside of the card, but I used the smaller stamped image of the bunny and egg and the striped paper at the bottom edge. I'm sure my chances are slim to win, because I've seen some of the competition. Wow, there are some truly talented entries this time around. Just the same though, I had a blast working on this one. Thanks for the challenge Melissa.


Melissa said...

Cute, cute, are so creative. Love that egg that unique and sweet as can be!

lauren said...

isn't it funny how sometimes the really *specific* challenges are actually EASIER to do?! or maybe that's just me being indecisive if given too many choices! :)

love the way you've combined all the "challenge bits! loooooove the bunny! love, love, LOVE that fabulous bow!