Friday, April 11, 2008

For the Birds

Oh I am such a terrible blogger. It's not that I'm not working furiously at creating one of a kind projects...its just that I often fail to photograph the projects. Then, to top it off, I leave my camera back in my studio and don't have it at my side when I visit other blogs. You would think I live in this huge mansion and the camera is soooo far away...but no, just a ranch style home and the camera is merely down the hall. Okay,'s really that I'm too lazy to go get it. Ouch - that hurts...the truth usually does. Anyway, here is the latest project I'm offering at Live Love Scrap as a class. I used Scenic Route papers, some acrylic paint and my fun Inkadinkado Stamps plus Inque stamps to produce this adorable bird house book from Maya Road. Hope you enjoy it.


Teasel said...

Hi Carol--I LOVE THIS!! When is the class? I'll be back in Ohio for some doctor visits and would either love to take the class or purchase a kit--too cute!

lauren said...

ooh ooh ooooooh ooh ooh!!!!!

i LOVE this!!! do you think i have time to move to the midwest, get settled and find a job before the class starts??! b/c i think it'd be worth the trouble! this is BEYONNNNNNND FAB!!!

Beth Leintz said...

A board book like a house- how fun! And I bet you really enjoyed making it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol, thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is beautiful...and I was at Live Love Scrap last weekend! Love Love Love that store, it's the best scrapbooking store I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot, lol)

Teasel said...

Hi Carol--Will be back in Ohio for your class but will not be bringing my basic kit with me. Can I order this as a kit? I may drop in at the beginning of your class to say hello.