Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Raspberry Truffle Blog Candy

Hi Friends,

As I posted last week, Terri Conrad Designs is hosting a blog candy contest of her fabulous papers from Webster Pages. I was just awarded the beautiful Feather Your Nest papers and I can't wait to receive these beauties so that I can continue to create and embellish my world.


lauren said...

hiya--just stopped by to tell you that i *literally* laughed out loud at your comment about "the best one-eyed one-horned flyin' purple tutorial on t'internet"!!! HA! thank you!!! :)

Teasel said...

It's Tara from sunny Florida! How are you?? I'm so glad i found your blog--now I don't feel so far away. Tell everyone at LiveLove I said Hi.

Anonymous said...
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lauren said...

hello again...i've already left a comment here AND this should really be an email anyhow...BUT...i just had to stop by and tell you how much your comment about my movie reviews meant to me!!!

to tell the truth i generally feel that "the WRITING bit" is my weakest link with regard to blogging...and even in terms of making journals & scrapbook pages. ESPECIALLY when it comes to being descriptive and interesting in a *BRIEF* format! so basically, the things you said addressed my worst fear in the best way, and for that i thank you very, VERY much!!!


(ps: the back is getting MUCH better...i am still being *very* careful since we leave for vacation on sunday...but i am nearly returned to an "everyday utility" standard of spinefulness! many thanks for your good wishes!) :)